A Pioneer Christmas


When preparing for Christmas I like to think back to the pioneers of yesteryear and how they used their resources and crafting skills to create a holiday season full of joy and happiness even in the most humble of times.

Their homes were decorated with natural trimmings that were gathered from outside. Pinecones, holly, nuts, berries and evergreen boughs. Homemade ornaments for the tree were something that the children could help with, and I can just imagine their delight at having their pieces hanging for all to see.

The women would bake bread, pies, cookies and make traditional plum pudding and preserve fruit and vegetables ready for Christmas feasting.

The men would pride fresh game.

Homemade gifts were placed under the tree. Carved wooden toys, corn husk dolls, embroidered hankies and pillows and knitted socks, mittens and scarves to name a few.

Families would sing Christmas carols together gathered around the fire on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day would enjoy a traditional meal together with friends and family after the morning Church service.

At this time of year I turn to our pioneer ancestors for inspiration and as a reminder that it’s the simple things that matter and that’s how our fondest memories are made.

Warm wishes to you and your family for a wonderful Christmas season.