About Us

Designer Dresses For Girls Ages 2-5 years old.

My vision for Pioneer Pretty has always been to capture the innocence and happinessĀ  of a little girl’s childhood based on the good old-fashion virtues of our pioneering ancestors. In today’s world of busyness and clutter I love the simplicity of yesteryear and try and reflect this in my designs. Childhood is a time to plant the seeds for the future and I think it’s important to remember that the world has plenty to offer if we work hard, be respectful and kind and contribute the best way we can.

I have interpreted and introduced traditional touches to my clothing range that allow your little girl to feel pretty and special which I have found quite rare and difficult to find. When you see your little daughter, niece or grand daughter in a Pioneer Pretty dress I want you to really feel the wholesomeness, freedom and innocence that is part of her life for only a short time.

I know with my own children I have wanted them to grow strong, be honest and giving and to follow their dreams but stay children for as long as necessary – don’t grow up so fast you miss being a child. Slow down, play and appreciate the simple things in life.

I hope you enjoy Pioneer Pretty and my designer dresses for girls and also share my passion and interpretation of our pioneering ancestors and how they made so much from so little. I would love to help you make your little girl feel wonderful and treasured.

Thank You

Keely Naseby